Our Infrastructure

At AFMI, the beauty of our campus is more than that which you can see. Everything from the layout of our classrooms to the close proximity of our residence halls is designed to foster discussion, facilitate deep learning, and encourage connections among students and faculty. The sum of our buildings is more than an attractive campus along the Kaveri River—it’s an environment structured for your personal and professional growth.

Walking through the AFMI campus is an experience unlike any other. We, at AFMI, truly believe that the environment plays a very crucial role in enhancing concentration on studies or any other work. This is one major reason that the campus which is spread over an expanse of 18 acres, is built in such a way that it completely eludes the hustle-bustle of the city. The developing campus provides the best amenities to the students for their stay during the course. The campus design serves to strengthen the sense of community at the institute, with the belief that the daily interactions of students’ life only increase the potential for learning.

AFMI pampers you a lot with its technology, comfortable surroundings and above all, its natural beauty. You get a whole lot of the world inside its campus.

The Academic Centre houses air-conditioned class rooms, an extensive library, a computer centre, Conference rooms, Entrepreneurship Cell, Get Together centre, and Meditation Centre.



E – Library

Computer Laboratory


Conference Room

Entrepreneurship Cell

Get Together Center

Meditation Center

The air conditioned, well furnished, high tech classrooms are equipped with a broadband communications network that ensures wider connectivity. Audio-visual and video conferencing facilities like overhead projectors, LCDs, fixed cameras and touch-pad systems make the learning process much more convenient, interactive, and enjoyable. We also have Wi-Fi facility.