We at AFMI firmly believe that the relationship between a corporate and the faculty does not end and begin with recruitment but stabilizes and evolves with academic interaction between students and senior executives of the company. Placement is just one of the meeting points between AFMI and the Industry, and we strongly believe that a far stronger and win-win relationship should be built between the two. The guiding ethos at AFMI is to establish an intellectually stimulating and educative one on one dialogue between students and intellectuals from both the academic and corporate world.

It is our endeavor to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between the students and industry, thereby using mutual learning as the foundation of a fruitful relationship. This exchange is brought about through various interactive activities like Guest Lecture, Workshops, Live Industry projects and other initiatives. Such sessions see students getting a practical perspective on the theoretical concepts learnt in class; and industry stalwarts gaining fresher perspectives and newer ideas.

Guest Lecture has been designed to serve as a forum for exchange of intellectually stimulating ideas between business leaders and future managers through the lecture format. The aim is to have senior practicing managers share their functional expertise with students and provide them a practical view of the various functions of an organization. The series is conducted in a lecture format.

Workshops serve as customized avenues for organizations to interact with students. Simulation games, experiential exercises, and domain-specific training are some examples of the types of workshops that have been explored in the past.

Live Projects are an excellent opportunity for the students to assist managers in solving live business issues. These live projects could either be in the form of an independent project or a part of an ongoing project. For students, these projects are an opportunity to showcase their skills in the related areas & hone their abilities. For participating organizations, it is an opportunity to evaluate the caliber of the students. Our students have been appreciated in the past for their efforts in Live Projects at: Nestle, Britannia, Parle, SAB Miller, Cadbury, Bharti & Del Monte, NABARD, Cargill and Amul.

At annual events, industry stalwarts participate and share their views on topics of current interest in management.

We invite you to be a part of AFMI through the various student initiatives described above to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with us.

Placement activities

Live Industry Project during Summer Internship Program :

As a compulsory part of curriculum, students are required to undergo Summer Industry Internship with an organization for 3 months. The Internship has dual objectives. Firstly, it allows the student to apply the concepts learnt in the classroom and hone their ability to define, diagnose and analyze a specific managerial problem and search for its appropriate solution. Secondly, it gives the student a glimpse into the present corporate environment and an appreciation of the interpersonal and influencing skills required to excel in the workplace. Having handled a live problem, the student comes out of the Industry Internship with a much more intricate understanding of management issues facing the organization, a greater appreciation of operating variables supplemented by a cognizance of the larger business environment. The organization benefits by acquiring, for a short period, a keen mind equipped with analytical capabilities and theoretical inputs to tackle any immediate issue it may be facing. The organization also gets a chance to observe an AFMI student at work.

The selection process for Summer Placements starts in the last month of 2nd semester for the first year students. The period of Summer Internship is normally from the beginning of August to the end of October. Students are required to complete their assignments and rejoin campus by November first week or the date by which the term starts in AFMI. As a practice, Industry Interns receive a stipend for the duration of their project. Expenses incurred by the student for the project also have to be borne by the company. However, it depends upon the mutual understanding of students and company as well as quality of work they do.

Final Placements

The Final Placements are facilitated through the following processes generally:

Pre-Placement Talks

The Pre-Placement Talks or Company Presentations are an opportunity for the Companies to interact with the students, understand their expectations and apprise them of the job requirements and job profiles offered.

Final Placements

The Pre-Placement Talks or Company Presentations are an opportunity for the Companies to interact with the students, understand their expectations and apprise them of the job requirements and job profiles offered.This process is usually conducted in the month of February, although recruitment through Pre-Placement Offers (PPO) and lateral process for students with prior work experience can happen till at least a fortnight before the Final Placements. Companies are required to conduct a Pre-Placement Talk (PPT) so that they can interact with the students. This is followed by scheduling of participating companies for placements by allotting day and time when they can begin their recruitment process. The entire selection procedure of a company has to be carried out within the time frame allotted to them. Companies may invite CVs of interested students and shortlist students on the basis of their profiles before coming on campus. On campus, the company interviews the short-listed students and can select students through the following mechanisms of Final Offer:

Spot offers: If a company makes an offer to a student before completing the entire interview process with all short-listed candidates, such an offer is considered as a Spot Offer.

Final Selection list: A company may interview all the short-listed candidates before arriving at a list of selected students. Such a list is considered as a Final Selection List.


Lateral Placements

Students with prior work-experience bring tremendous value to the Institute in the form of a rich mix of learning of the applicability of their knowledge in a functional domain and its relevance in the larger business context. As a result, students with experience not only have a better appreciation of theory but also tend to be a more mature and complete manager at the end of the academic process. The Lateral Placement Process allows recruiters and students with work-experience to interact. Higher-than-entry-level positions should be offered depending upon the duration and relevance of a candidate’s work-experience. This process is usually held during the time period of November to January. Companies have to conduct a Pre-Placement Talk (PPT) before conducting the selection process. The exact schedule for the company to organize its PPT and selection process is decided upon a mutually convenient basis. The candidates assessed as part of Lateral Placements Process have to be notified regarding their selection at least 15 days before the Final Placement Process in February. If a company is unable to visit campus during the Lateral Placements period, it is possible for them to recruit students with work-experience at higher-than-entry-level positions during the Placements in February. However, the company is required to indicate this before it is scheduled for Final Placements.

AFMI follows a no-differential policy with respect to Lateral Placements, Final Placement and Summer Placements.