AFMI Street food Vendor Project (SFVP)

Today street foods are on the rise but the safety factors affecting the health of the people are not properly taken care of. As eating out is a common activity due to various reasons, street foods need to be very safe for the health of the community.

Keeping this into consideration, AFMI has taken up a project for Street Food Vendors in order to make them Model Food Processor. In this project, AFMI does not believe in concept of just providing training & materials to the vendors, however, AFMI members take themselves to the ground level and ensure proper implementation, control system & feedback mechanism. One step ahead, we have gone for consumer analysis from different angles in order to make this project self sustainable. This differentiates our initiative in this direction from other people’s initiative. We are proud of saying this that today AFMI Street Food Vendor Project (SFVP) with a new approach in new milleniums has became a model Project for the nation.

National career counselling programme by AFMI ( NCCP)

AFMI has launched a National Career Counselling Programme for Agri Food Graduates & Professionals in 2008. This programme aims at making students as well as teachers aware of the followings:

Train the Trainers

Our Instructors are required to undergo intensive training to ensure that they are thoroughly prepared to establish their professional acumen. ‘Train the Trainer Programs’ are conducted regularly for their continuous development and to help them keep pace with the changes and evolving industry demands