You will be surprised that Agri Food Business in our country is almost 300 bn $, which is approximately one fourth of our National GDP. This business can be classified into five sectors like Agri Input, Agri Output, Food Processing, Allied and Support Service, which together have more than 30,000 Companies. Almost 10,000 companies are operating under organized sector where there is large scope for white collar jobs with handsome salary.
The Food Processing Sector has a major share in agri food business and contributes almost 200 bn $ dollar, accounting for about two-thirds of the country’s total retail sector. And now the government is aiming to double the turnover in the next five or six years by setting up mega food parks to attract global capital. Only 6 per cent of total agro output of India is currently processed as against 80 per cent in some developed countries. The vision is to bring about a three-fold growth in the size of the country’s food processing business, increase the level of processing perishables from six percent to 20 percent, raise the value addition from 20 percent to 35 percent and increase India’s share in the global food trade from 1.5 percent to 3.0 percent. The level of processing for fruits and vegetables is envisaged to increase from the present 15% to 20% in 2020. The Cabinet has approved the integrated strategy for promotion of agri business and vision, strategy and action plan for the Food Processing Sector, based on the recommendations made by the Group of Ministers (GOM).

The survey indicates that total 40,000 management jobs are available in Indian agri food industry and out of which, 6000 jobs fall under white collar category where salary is more than 6,00,000 per annum.The present demand of 6000 management professionals per annum for white collar jobs only is expected to increase 15,000 in agri food industry. Only agri food science technical graduates pursuing agri food business management will not be able to fulfill this demand. Therefore, there is also big scope for students graduating in any other discipline and going for customized agri food business management programme.

It is also worthy to mention that even in this period of Global Recession, the impact on Indian Agri Food Business is negligible. We did not hear of any employee axing in Agri Food Industry as in some other sectors like IT, Airlines, Banking, etc. In the midst of the global economic meltdown and with the growth in our manufacturing sector also having fallen, the food processing industry is growing at a robust 14 percent today, from levels of 6.7 percent in 2004-05. This shows the long term stability of Agri Food Industry. Why not to choose this Evergreen Industry for your career and job ?

There are two types of career options in Agri Food Business – Technical and Commercial (Management). You must know that Commercial/Management career is always better than technical career in terms of salary, status and future growth. If you want to become a leader, a decision maker in the company or even want to start your own venture, you must have commercial background. Just being a technical degree holder is not enough in today’s highly dynamic agri food business.

At present agri business management programme is conducted by few reputed institutes in our country. However, AFMI has started AICTE approved two years full time highly customized Agri and Food Business Management Programme (not only agri Business Management) as per expectation of Industry, which is first of its kind in the country.

If you are Agriculture/ Food/ Bioscience Graduates or any other graduates, having interest in Agri Food Business and doing customized & integrated agri and food business management programme from a reputed institute, you will be highly required by the agri food based industry at handsome salary in management positions.

Think well…… opportunities are waiting for you!