Our academic Council

The AFMI members are some of the most experienced, qualified and recognized individuals in the field of agri and food business management. A perfect balance is maintained in the knowledge given to the students through the permanent faculty and the visiting faculty. As the permanent faculty look to developing the fundamentals in the student, the visiting faculty bring in the latest changes and information affecting the world outside. The salient feature is that we have tried to take most of the visiting faculties from the industry only, as they have given their valuable inputs during design of curriculum. The list is long, however the name of few faculties are mentioned as below

Name Qualification Expertise Industry & Academic Experience
Dr.Chandrasen V
Ph.D, [Enterprenuership] M.Com, B Com
Finance and Accounting, Enterprenuership
35 Years
Dr. Raju K H
Operation Management
18 Years
Dr.H S Sadathali Khan
Ph.D, M.Sc, B.Sc [Agri], [Food and Agriculture Marketing Management]
Agriculture Marketing and Agriculture Business Marketing
37 Years
Dr.Sudarshan Krishnan
Ph.D, M.Sc Food Technology
Food Technology
35 Years
Dr.Murali S
Ph.D, M.Tech, BE
Computer Science and Information Technology
28 Years
Dr. M Mahadeviah
M.Sc. (Food Tech), Ph.D
Food Science & Technology, Food Packaging
50 Years
Operation Management
35 Years
Mr.Saurabha Sinha
PGDM, M.Sc [F.T] and B.Sc [Agri]`
CTR, Food Safety and Quality Management
20 Years
Mr. Vinayaka S. Angadi
MBA (UK), B.Com.
Agri Business, Strategic Management, Sales & Marketing
16 Years
Dr.Md. Ameen Shariff
Ph.D, MBA [Finance] B Com
Finance , Marketing and HR
16 Years
Mr. Sandana Krishnan
HR and Marketing
15 Years
Management Information System
15 Years
Internation Business and Marketing
15 Years
Mr.Ravi B I
Masters in Economics, B Com
Economics, HRM
11 years