Pursuant to the approval of the GC, BOS, BOE for AFMI, The distribution of marks will be as follows:

Each paper is allocated 100 marks.  Internal – 50 External – 50

Components Weightage
Mid Term
Case discussion/ Presentation/ Analysis
End Term
However Internal marks distribution is based on decision of faculty.
Assessment of Students’ Performance and Scheme of Examinations:
  • Participation in case studies/ discussion, seminars and group activities;
  • Class tests, quizzes and mid-term tests;
  • Submission of written assignments, term papers and viva-voce
  • Class attendance.

For the end term examination

The End Term Examination will consist of three parts.

Project work evaluation

All students shall undertake a PROJECT of twelve to sixteen weeks duration during end of the second or start of the 3rd semester. The PROJECT should have the industry orientation and the work should be certified by the concerned organization where the student has undertaken the project.

The PROJCECT report shall be submitted by the students as per the guidelines prescribed by the Institution from time to time. If the project work is certified by the concerned organization, an internal examiner shall value the PROJECT report for 50 % marks. A Presentation and Viva voce examination (50% marks) shall be jointly conducted by a panel of examiners consisting of an external and internal examiner. The exact modalities of conducting the evaluation vests with the Director (Academic). A candidate shall secure a minimum of 50% of marks in aggregate (in the internal assessment, evaluation of PROJECT report and presentation, viva voce examination).In the event of his failing to secure the 50% marks he shall have to re-do the PROJECT in subsequent year. Each student will be required to submit project report to the faculty for the work undertaken during this period within one week of the commencement of the class for valuation.