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Life @ AFMI

Life @ AFMI will be an unique experience, which we are sure you are going to recall forever.

First and Foremost, AFMI is situated at Mysore, smugly nestled in the midst of lush green hills with pleasant weather. Call it the ‘Oxford of the east’ or the ‘Cultural Capital of Karnataka’, it is today’s hotspot of commerce, culture and entertainment.

Mysore’s must see list includes scenic places like the Chamundi Hills, Brindavan Gardens, Birds Sanctuary, Tippu Forte, Mysore Palace to name just a few. There’s loads of entertainment for your leisure hours. Fun and excitement welcome you at multiplexes which are popular with families as well as Mysore’s generation X. More over, the metropolitan city Bangalore lies only a whisper away. management institute in mysoreAt AFMI, the beauty of our campus is more than that which you can see. Everything from the layout of our classrooms to the close proximity of our residence halls is designed to foster discussion, facilitate deep learning, and encourage connections among students and faculty. The sum of our buildings is more than an attractive campus along the Kaveri River—it’s an environment structured for your personal and professional growth.

We achieve our best not in isolation but within a community of others from diverse backgrounds. At its core, AFMI student life is built around an intense section experience that’s invigorated with club events, student organizations, guest speakers, seminars, sports, conferences, and more. In fact, all of you will share a common theme: how management candidates have not only found a community of support, but a close-knit network of friendships that last a lifetime.

The AFMI experience is inherently international. To support its Consultancy and research process, the institute maintains a network not only at national level but at international level, too.. But the global connections at AFMI are personal as well. Every section is in itself a virtual seminar in international relations, drawing talented students and faculties from all over the world—and from every industry and professional interest—into active discussions enriched by diverse perspectives and points of view. management collegeWhen you do PGDM(AFB) from AFMI?, you earn a place within a community of more than 10,000 leaders in 50 countries. They will make themselves available to help you build connections and uncover business opportunities throughout your careers. Whether you’re interested in corporate management, entrepreneurial enterprises, or non-profit leadership, as management students, you’ll find experienced, top-level business professionals eager to lend you their support.

Generally, the day to day hectic schedule, peer pressure, long hour of working will make you stressed but at the same time yoga, meditation, sports, cultural activities and partying will revitalize you like anything.

At AFMI, breakthrough moments can happen any time: in a late-night discussion among peers, during a journey along east coast, in service to a farmer community—or simply while relaxing in a Spangler lounge or competing on the tennis court. While formal education is concentrated within academics, the transformation of potential into leadership is realized through every aspect of the AFMI experience. To explore student life here is to investigate multiple ways to learn, to connect, to lead. Being prepared to lead means being prepared for a multilingual, multicultural and international environment. Just as leadership is nurtured in the AFMI classroom, so too is our collective engagement with a diverse world. We not only welcome, but embrace, a student body enriched by individuals who reflect more than one cultures, interests, and points of view.

Overall, admission to AFMI is really an invitation. We ask you to engage the sum of your talents, your experience, and your dedication in an intensive, two-year program of transformation. Here, we encourage you to challenge your assumptions, acquire new skills, examine unfamiliar possibilities, and imagine unexpected opportunities and, most of all, to assume responsibility for yourself and for our world. In short, we invite you to turn your potential into a real capacity for leadership. At AFMI, we stimulate your growth in a number of distinctive ways.