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Successful completion of course opens various doors in corporate world for you starting from


Our Syllabus is based on integrated management approach for entire Agri Food Business and designed after getting inputs from different stakeholders of this business. This makes our Institute different than other premier institute as we do not follow the piece- meal approach. The aim of our syllabus is to provide knowledge of all most all aspects of Agri-Food Business to our students through various Credit and Non-credit courses. This gives wide exposure to our students and enables them to be familiar with all the innovations and happenings around the Agri-Food world. Upon completion of the course AFMI’s students never say “I Don’t Know”.

Each and every student gets hands on experience in the fastest growing areas of consultancy, training and research in agri food sector, which encourages the entrepreneurship development of the individual.

This unique program offers dual specialization in focal area of choice. There is special focus on IT and communication skills, which is an essential requirement for today’s global business environment.

Overall, this course enables students to -develop adequate conceptual base in different subject areas of relevance, acquire sufficient operating skills in using modern management tools and techniques in different functional areas, develop application skills of management techniques appropriate in the unique contexts of Agri-Food Business.

Successful completion of course opens various doors in corporate world for you starting from Input Industry to Agriculture output Industry, Horticulture Industry, Food Processing, Food Machinery, Food Additive to Food Retailing Industry as well as various support service industries like Banking, Consultancy Firms, Export- Import Houses, Trading Bodies, Certification Bodies, Regulatory Bodies, Insurance Industry, NGO, Government Bodies and many more. Neither under employment nor unemployment.

There are Continuous efforts are on to innovate, improve and enhance the practical relevance of the educational process in the programme. The main focus is on quality of skills for which the agri food industry is looking for. This will be helpful to overcome the problem of mismatched ratio of passed out management students & their suitability in the industry.

Integrated Approach of our syllabus