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Programme Objective

The Post Graduate Diploma in Management – Agri Food Business (PGDM-AFB)- is a two-years full time, AICTE approved, flagship programme of AFMI. It is the first of its kind two years full timeregular programme in the country recognized by AICTE. AFMI prides itself for the learning experience imparted in this programme. AFMI is affiliated to AICTE and have capability to orient the entire teaching and learning process as per requirement of the industry.This status has given the institute an ability to utilize academic freedom to develop trend-setting educational programme and pedagogic processes with long-term benefits for all stakeholders of Agri Food Business. AFMI also has entrepreneurial agility that has made it the self-financed institute to be among the few in the country.

Agri Food Business Management Programme at AFMI nurtures students to help them

To understand the social, economic, political, technological and ecological environment of modern Agri Food business and become effective leaders, who have the potential to transform organizations.

To hone lateral thinking and inculcate entrepreneurial skill, value, integrity, justice and fairness so as to promote and maintain high ethical standards.

To develop a global mindset so that they are better able to address the challenges of global competition.

To develop an all round personality that is well integrated with the very best of the Indian values and civilizations across the world.

The emphasis of the programme is to develop in the candidate the ability to translate theory into practice. It aims at promoting an inquiring & analytical mind, which proactively seeks the right knowledge, acquires the appropriate skills and promotes the right attitude to develop capabilities needed to manage enterprises in the twenty-first century. This programme is now in its progressive phase giving successful placements across the industry.