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S Q is a unique Students Seminar series, Which provides students the best way to directly interact with peers, teachers, corporate. Each and every student from the realm of business present a picture of their world to the others. Students grab every opportunity of gaining knowledge outside their academics and participate in these seminars with great enthusiasm. The aim of the seminar is to integrate theory and practice and heighten the business sensibilities of the students both as speaker and audience. Students are given the immense opportunity to interact with each other after the lecture through a highly charged Q&A session that is eagerly looked forward to. The seminar covers the various domains and are directed towards developing a holistic view of the agri Food business world. Through Insight, the students learn from the very best in each field and are encouraged to open their minds to innovative thoughts and ideas.


SL No Name of Topic Speaker
1 Importance of English as a medium of communication in today’s Business world Language Expert
2 Learning Non Verbal Communication Communication Trainer
3 Leadership , Self Development & Self awareness Academic Expert
4 Challenges & Opportunity in Agri Food World Industry Expert
5 IT- an Enabling Tolls for every Business IT Expert
6 Problem Solving, Decision Making & Team Dynamics Industry Expert
7 Attitude and Aptitude Academic Expert
8 Practice of ethics in the Organization HR Expert
9 CSR – Developing Country like India CER Practioner
10 Becoming an Entrepreneur Entrepreneur
11 College to Corporate Industry Expert
12 Beyond the MBA Industry Expert
13 Food Industry Analysis - India Eminent Consultant
14 Agriculture Industry Analysis - India Eminent Consultant
15 Retail Sector Analysis - India Retail Expert
16 Rain Water Harvesting Eminent Social worker
17 Extension Education in Agriculture From Academic
18 Responsibility, Authority, Accountability & Power From Academic
19 How to be Accountable Eminent Consultant
20 How to be a Winner Eminent Consultant
21 Food Additive & Ingredient Industry - India Eminent Consultant
22 Budget Analysis – Impact on Agri Food Business Economist
23 Agriculture Insurance – Indian perspective Insurance Expert
24 Malnutrition Problem in India Social worker
25 Food Safety & Quality Management System and Traceability Consultant
26 Good Agricultural and Horticultural Practices Consultant
27 GHP & GMP Consultant
28 Agriculture and Industrial Application of Biotechnology Industry Expert
29 Corruption Free India Political Expert